Mortal Cherry - 12.7oz corked bottles

Product image 1Mortal Cherry - 12.7oz corked bottles
Product image 2Mortal Cherry - 12.7oz corked bottles
Product image 3Mortal Cherry - 12.7oz corked bottles

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6.6% ABV

Oak: French, Hungarian, Italian

Additions: Balaton and Montmorency Cherries

Fermentation: Lacto, Pedio, Brett

Each spring, the sudden flowering of cherry blossoms serves as a reminder: What’s ordinary one day may dazzle the next. In Mortal Cherry, what starts as a pie-crust-like blend of wheat and pilsner malt is wholly transformed by a union of cherries. Balaton add notes of sweet pit fruit and cinnamon, while Montmorency keep this Pennsylvania Wild Ale delicate and tart.

We taste: tart cherries, flaky pie crust, hint of cinnamon

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