Nugget Nectar 2018 Hop Snake T-Shirt by Travis Pietsch

$ 20.00

Sweet nectar of the gods of yore! Prized beverage of us mere mortals!

It's no wonder we crave the stuff. We lie in wait through the year, engineering a master plan to construct a divine drink of our own until finally... the First Squeeze!

Nugget Nectar is ready to be your shining light in the dark of winter.

With this year's Nugget Nectar release we have received an array of incredible artwork from incredible artists for our First Squeeze event.

Featured on this black T-shirt is the artwork of Travis Pietsch of Washington D.C.

The sacred Nugget, safeguard by the mythical serpent, tempting you with a taste of the forbidden Nectar, his venomous bite be damned!

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